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Last game data update : 2024-03-29 at 21:30 EST



  • (Calculator) Added -1 explicit for graveyard crafting.
  • (Calculator) Optimized tier cutting graveyard calculations.
  • (Calculator) Optimized graveyard calculatior to account for haunted, prefix and suffix crafts.



  • (Calculator) Added a graveyard graves usage slider.
  • (Calculator) Optimized the compute best selection script.
  • (Calculator) Added haunted modifiers.



  • (Calculator) Added a true optimizer option that runs corpse assignments through the calculator for better results. The quick and dirty version is still available through the "quick suggest" button.
  • (Calculator) Tweaked how the graveyard optimizer works for better results.
  • (Calculator) Update the graveyard crafting and optimizer to patch 3.24.0b changes.



  • [NEW FEATURE] (Calculator) Added a graveyard optimizer.
  • [NEW FEATURE] (Calculator) Added a graveyard crafting method.



  • Updated data to 3.24.



  • Added affliction jewelry bases and update simplex amulet.
  • Updated data to 3.23.



  • Added beast names to emulator beast crafting.



  • The emulator now tallies up benchcraft costs when you apply them.



  • Updated data to 3.22



  • Updated data to 3.21



  • [NEW FEATURE] Guides section
  • (Affinities) Open trade search functionnality added
  • (Emulator) Fracturing Orb added



  • Updated data to 3.20



  • Updated data to 3.19
  • Harvest nerfs 2 : electric boogaloo
  • Structural change to modgroup handling



  • (Emulator/Simulator) Harvest upgrade with high-tier modifiers added.



  • (Emulator/Simulator) Recombinating functionnality added (tier change is still todo)
  • Sentinel mods have been added.



  • Updated affinities data to 3.18 week 2.
  • (Affinities) Now features an anoint distribution list.



  • Updated data to 3.18
  • (Calculator/Emulator) QoL added for maps/invitations : Removed bloat for easier readability.



  • (Emulator) Reworked modpool area to integrate implicits (benchcrafts are now under their "Crafted" modgroup in both prefix/suffix.
  • (Emulator) Added a searchfield to the modpool area.
  • (Emulator) Fixed a bug where you could not force mods on an item unless the rarity permitted it.
  • (Emulator) Fixed a bug where you couldnt swap out benchcrafts and were force to remove to add.



  • (Calculator) Added permanent affix type filters
  • (Calculator) Change the ilvl selector to an input
  • (Calculator) Added an advanced option to toggle from "cross-out" to "hide" for blocked mods



  • (Simulator) Special conditions now have a max input
  • (Simulator) Introduction of meta-methods (Wipe prefix/suffix, Annul save prefix/suffix)
  • (Simulator) Unveil has a skip force pick option on fail
  • (Simulator) Bench has a skip on error option



  • (Emulator) Leo Slam added
  • (Emulator) TfT Prices integrated (Harvest, Syndicate)
  • (Emulator) Added number used counter in history output
  • (Simulator) Added mod/affix distribution tables as a results option



  • [NEW FEATURE] (Simulator) Flowcharts



  • [NEW FEATURE] (Simulator) Debug simulation mode
  • (Emulator) Added tangled fossil
  • (Simulator) Implemented a fix that makes simulating 5-7 times faster
  • (Calculator/Emulator/Simulator) Added Grasping Mail Modifiers
  • (Simulator) Added # of attack modifiers/non-attack and # of caster modifiers/non-caster conditions



  • (Simulator) Added tangled fossil
  • (Simulator/Emulator) GIST link pasting integrated
  • (Simulator/Emulator) Added harvest reforge less likely



  • [MODULE REDUX] Complete simulator overhaul
  • (Emulator) Pastebin links now allowed for importation
  • Metamod information page published



  • (Emulator) Fixed Eldritch Chaos for the recent patch update
  • (Calculator/Emulator) Fixed an issue with Silver Flask having two mods it should not have
  • (Calculator/Emulator) Fixed multiple modifiers not being under the same mod grouping (ex : Bow attacks fire an additionnal arrow VS 2)



  • (Emulator) Added all Eldritch currencies
  • (Calculator/Emulator) Can now import items with their eldritch modifiers



  • (Calculator) Searing Exarch and Eater of World mod listing added
  • Invitation base added



  • Updated data to 3.17



  • (Emulator) Added harvest lucky divine (all, prefixes, suffixes).
  • (Emulator) Added vendor recipees.



  • (Emulator) Fixed an issue where harvest rerolls were not preventing usage when there was no possible valid outcome.



  • (Emulator) Changed annul behavior to take into account cannot roll attack/caster metacrafts to match in-game behavior



  • (Affinities) Added a new dimension of data for mod tags, this data will be used to improve results shown in a future update but is already available to view for users in the form of "tag affinities"
  • (Affinities) Fixed a bug that was making it so item distribution percentages were not correct
  • (Emulator) Fixed a bug that allowed harvest swaps on fractured mods
  • (Emulator) Fixed a bug that was preventing veiled chaos orb use on certain crafted mod setups



  • Affinities/Appraise updated to Scourge mid-league ladder data
  • Fixed Tainted Divine Teardrop to reflect how it behaves in the game more accurately



  • Game data update for Scourge league



  • (Emulator) Addition of a scourge crafting group with a corrupted toggle and tainted exalted orb with possibly more to come.
  • (Emulator) Added the Tainted Divine Teardrop method.
  • (Emulator/Calculator) Added new Fundamental and Deft fossils.



  • (Emulator) It is now permitted to benchcraft on an item that has a not unveiled veiled modifier.
  • (Emulator) You cannot lock a veiled modifier with metamods and use a veiled chaos orb to get a second anymore.
  • (Emulator) Harvest reforges do not respect cannot roll attack/caster yet again.



  • (Emulator) NERF : Aisling bench now removes a random modifier and does not proc double veil.
  • (Emulator/Calculator) NERF : Catalysts do not affect modifier weighting anymore and currency does not consume quality.
  • Runic items as well as their modpools added (the ward property is also active).



  • Game data update for Expedition league
  • Gold, Iron and Corundum Flask



  • (Emulator) Fixed harvest resist swap to allow all valid mod equivalencies



  • [NEW MODULE] Modifier affinities (experimental)
  • [NEW MODULE] Item appraisal (experimental)



  • Timless jewel added
  • Fossil crafting enabled for maps



  • (Calculator) Added weights and unveil % to veiled modifiers
  • (Emulator) Added the Veiled Chaos Orb method
  • (Emulator) Added the Syndicate Aisling method
  • (Emulator) Added the Harvest Reforge more likely method



  • [NEW FEATURE] (Emulator/Calculator) Import item with modifier importation support now live!



  • 3.14 Data update : New catalysts, Veiled mods, Essence changes, Abyss Jewel changes, New Item bases, etc...
  • (Emulator) Harvest nerfs as well as a toggle in the top left to toggle to pre-harvest nerfs



  • (Emulator/Calculator) Added Beast Aspects and Warband Cannot be Frozen modifiers
  • (Emulator) Fixed a case where rem/add should have ignored certain mods that can't be added back
  • (Emulator) Changed reroll keeping prefixes/suffixes to not respect cannot roll attack/caster



  • (Emulator) History state previews



  • (Emulator) Awakener's Orb added



  • (Emulator) Harvest resist swap crafts added
  • (Emulator) Harvest reforge keeping suffixes/prefixes added



  • (Emulator/Calculator) Fixed conversion affixes to properly block each other
  • (Emulator) Added eDPS and tDPS information when relevant
  • (Emulator) Simplex amulet now applying its 25% value increase properly
  • (Emulator) Catalysts now apply full amount needed to max quality by default



  • (Emulator) Added an affix type tracker in stat area
  • (Emulator) Allowed for an imprint to be stored even if there is already one stored
  • (Emulator) Added chance to hit tier and up data in history for each relevant action
  • (Emulator) Added a clipboard copy button for PoB Importation



  • [NEW MODULE] Fully-fledge Crafting Emulator



  • [NEW FEATURE] Multi-lingual support (partial and ongoing)
  • [NEW FEATURE] Past league selector
  • [NEW FEATURE] Data changes page



  • The harvest selector has been reactivated
  • The new watchstone crafting base has been added along with its mods
  • Mod data is updated for 3.13
  • Elevated mod information functionnality



  • Added all heisting items
  • Fixed all mod data to heist standards
  • Fixed lingering issues with flask mods
  • Added map mods back



  • Catalyst behavior and tags updated
  • Fossil optimiser updated for new tags



  • The harvest selector has been removed, long live harvest.
  • Modifier tags have been updated
  • Fossil behavior has been adjusted
  • Metamod behavior has been adjusted



  • Affixes will now properly block across prefixes and suffixes



  • Re-enabled the import item button, now import base only
  • Fixed cluster jewel notable descriptions



  • [NEW FEATURE] Fractured item crafting
  • Change the look of modifier tags including color coding
  • It is now possible to set affixes as present on an item when they are crossed out



  • Fixed mod tags per 3.11.1b update



  • Fixed incursion and delve affixes to include tags



  • Removed jewel socket affixes from cluster jewels per 3.11.1 game update



  • Added advanced option to toggle mode for showing tags only when relevant or all the time which is saved to cookies
  • Now updates the webpage title according to base, item and method selection



  • Update to 3.11 Harvest data



  • [NEW FEATURE] Vaal implicits now present
  • Metacrafting now accepts a lower number of required affixes and built affixes for more flexibility
  • Changed the look of required and built affix for more clarity



  • [NEW FEATURE] Harvest functionnality added
  • [NEW FEATURE] Orb of Annulment added
  • Added cookie functionality to store advanced option settings for returning users
  • Added a toggler to open or close all affix groups at once with its state also saved as a cookie



  • Added catalyst functionnality to multiple methods of crafting : Exalted Orb, Orb of Augmentation, Regal Orb, Metacrafting as well as Conqueror Orbs
  • Metacrafting now has two advanced method of crafting to allow control over catalyst application
  • Added a Basics of Crafting Page



  • Added a bulk pricing option that is defaulted to active under advanced options
  • Added links to the tradesite to the different currencies present in the cost breakdown



  • Reworked the fossil optimizer to use the same algorithm as the normal calculations
  • Essence tooltip now show only the mod in relation to selected base
  • Small clusters can only have one notable
  • Added weight shown to influence groups even when not toggled
  • Added access to the mod-ratings page
  • Added an Advanced Crafting page
  • Added craftable affixes to raw data export function dataset



  • Added functionnality to allow for manual removal of specific fossils from the fossil optimizer
  • Added functionnality to allow for manual selection of the resonator limit for the fossil optimizer



  • [NEW FEATURE] Metacrafting method added
  • [NEW FEATURE] Alt+aug+imprint+regal is now active
  • Modified the alt+aug+regal method to allow for mandatory affixes
  • Added Sanctified Fossil
  • Update to 3.10.1d data
  • Added RAW Export button under advanced options



  • [NEW FEATURE] Automatic best fossil selection suggestion button added



  • Cannot roll attack/caster mods meta crafts mod are now linked to the right flag



  • Added an FAQ section



  • [NEW FEATURE] Alt-Aug-Regal is now a thing!
  • Added a reset button
  • Added a disclaimer and instructions to the homepage
  • Added a converted costs to the number of tries specified
  • Added a toggler to switch converted costs between chaos and exalts
  • Fixed a couple of bugs and tweaked calculations
  • Added an SSL certificate and forced navigation to https



  • [NEW FEATURE] Alt-Aug is now a thing!
  • Removed the item importation button for the time being as it is not reliable enough



  • Completed data update to 3.10 (now with 100% more cluster jewels!)
  • Added a toggleable grouping for advanced options
  • Cluster jewel notables have their definitions shown on hover



  • Preliminary data update to 3.10
  • [NEW FEATURE] Search affix function added, allows for quick finding and selecting of a mod and base on the homepage
  • Glyphic fossil added, fully functionnal in simulation, partially functionnal in computation
  • All mod groups are now visible in a collapsable table for a base including influences



  • Meta-mods now behave as expected in the crafted mod group



  • [NEW FEATURE] Average spending per success breakdown with total converted spending in chaos
  • [NEW FEATURE] Ability to set custom prices for spending calculations instead of base prices pulled from the API



  • [NEW FEATURE] Incursion affixes added
  • [NEW FEATURE] Delve affixes added
  • Group affixes information tooltip on number icon hover added



  • Entire rework of the process of selection for item base and option
  • Crafting method and influence options are now relevant to the item base
  • [NEW FEATURE] Specific base items are now present
  • [NEW FEATURE] Search bar to quickly find a base or specific item added
  • [NEW FEATURE] Crafted affixes added
  • [NEW FEATURE] Essence affixes added
  • [NEW FEATURE] Addition of a preview of the built item for slam currencies (work in progress)
  • The fossil selector is now always opened



  • Confidence level zone added, allows for the user to specify the number of tries he wants to attempt and see the chance of success
  • Added a zone for longest streak and standard deviation output for the simulation



  • [NEW FEATURE] Added an item showcase portion to the bottom of simulation that shows most likely/unlikely items in the same visual format as a game item



  • [NEW FEATURE] Item importation button that imports from an ingame copy-paste



  • [NEW FEATURE] MAJOR computation overhaul which includes a new "true calculation" mode which it defaults to when under 10 modifiers per pool
  • Added an additionnal statistics table to the bottom of simulation to better analyze data



  • Essences are now functionnal with mass simulation
  • Hollow fossil available
  • Prismatic jewel added back
  • Fixed a case when there was fewer mods available in the pool than the number of mods to roll
  • Changes in probabilities calculations
  • Made responsive to a minimum standard of functionnality
  • Re-imported up to date game data
  • [NEW FEATURE] Alternative fixed generation in simulation that allows for a speedier execution



  • Fixed something in the permutations calculations that resulted in the probability being too high
  • Made a fix to the prefix_ratio calculation to account for the effect of higher weight mod groups being in the requirements.
  • Made the affixes that are in one mod group bound to another in the wanted affix table.
  • Added influence icons left of affix names in wanted affix table.
  • [NEW FEATURE] Added a mod distribution on success table to the mass simulation function to see the mods that are most likely to roll on a success item (appears when you hit stop).


In the works / todo list (calculator)

(in no particular order of priority)

  • Required open prefix / suffix option
  • Have an export to POB button on the calculator side
  • Computing exclusion of one or more affixes to allow for a NOT functionnality
  • Considerate metamods (cannot roll attack/caster) when evaluating the bench block in metacrafting
  • Make it so the currency switcher from chaosexalt affects everything in the currency box including the editable boxes
  • Make alt+aug+imprint+regal valid for less than 3 affix.
  • Make alt+aug+regal+exalt available.
  • Make a text output that details what is being considered in the computation exactly in relation to setup
  • Permanent visibility for the current selected league in currency box
  • Fix for edge cases where there are under 3 prefixes or suffixes available in the pool
  • Beast splitting vs annul mode
  • Divine orb method that let's the user specific thresholds for success
  • Curve graph for confidence index
  • Inclusion of jun affixes
  • Item importation : make affix importation better (detecting hybrid mods, etc)
  • Pseudo requirements in mass simulation results, ex : >= total res, >= ES
  • Allow for viewing of individual success items in simulation
  • Quick link to that matches requirements selected in craftofexile
  • Let the user specify a minimum number of affixes within a group to be matches for it to be valid
  • Integrate Tangled fossil
  • Modify Glyphic fossil so the user can specify which corrupted mod he is targetting and make it affected by other fossils
  • Incorporate generation weights into the mix
  • Awakener orb slam calculation mode
  • Have a button to automatically select the best iLVL for the current setup
  • Suggested best craft for blocking function
  • Work out a way to have tiny URLs and cleaner URLs
  • When interacting with the "add influence" button if an influence is not present, also add the clicked mod if confirmed
  • [LONG TERM] Have the tool "Hive mind" the data generated by simulation to the back-end for future use with a reliability factor
  • [LONG TERM] Have the tool suggest the most efficient way of crafting a particular setup