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I keep getting errors when using the import item function

Make sure you are using ALT+CTRL+C when copying your item in the game as plain CTRL+C will not work. Also make sure that "Advanced mod descriptions" is enabled in your UI game options as it is needed as well. If your advanced mod description keybind was changed to something else than the default ALT, it will be KEYBIND+CTRL+C.


How do the affinities and appraise modules work?

These modules scrape the softcore top 15000 players ladder to gather statistics on the actual modifiers that appear on the items used by these players. The data provided from the character API unfortunatly only outputs individual stat lines so the module then needs to try and match these stat lines to actual modifiers. Occurence is matched to modifiers, which is then modified by modifier potential rarity (relative weight to the pool) and modifier power (relative values to the pool). Hybrid modifiers have special logic to make sure they don't rate too high.


Why is there only one affix column (G1) and why can't I make more appear?

You are most likely in a crafting method that does not allow for more than 1 prefix and 1 suffix like alteration mode. Affix columns (G1/G2/G3) are managed automatically and will range from 1 to 3 depending on your selection. In the case of a setup that would result in a magic item, there will only be 1 column. In the case of a setup that would result in a rare item, there will be 3 columns maximum (2 on a jewel base). 

Why can't I have more than one affix column in alt+aug+regal mode?

The alt+aug+regal mode will only have one column but the difference is the tool will consider any combination of 3 affixes within that column (with a maximum of 2 prefixes or 2 suffixes) as a success. For example, if you have 2 prefixes and 2 suffixes set up, it will consider each of the following a success : P1+P2+S1, P1+P2+S2, P1+S1+S2 and P2+S1+S2. A column called REQ is available when in this mode which allows for the specification of one mandatory affix.

How can I set fractured mods?

Once the fractured toggle is enabled when in relevant crafting methods just use right-click on the modifiers you want to set to make them present on the item.


Why can't I select fossil mods?

Fossil mods were almost all removed from fossils in 3.10 and moved to different influenced bases. The only fossil specific mods remaining are the ones related to faceted fossil. If you are trying to find where a mod has been moved used the search for affix box on the homepage.


How is sanctified fossil applied?

The current way it is applied has been extrapolated from an in-game testing session done by Sectoidfodder of Theorycraft with a dataset of 1000 entries. It is applied by modifying the weight of each tiers of a modifier with the current formula : weight+(weight*((tierlvl-40)/100)). As such, a tier that is lvl 1 would get 39% of its weight removed while a tier that is lvl 86 would get 46% of its weight added. There is still an assumption part in applying it this way but for the time being this seems like the closest evaluation that can be made in regards to the dataset.


How is the harvest reforge more likely applied?

It was reported to me that back in harvest league the information was datamineable (since then it has been removed from the game files) and that it made it so mods that are present on the item are 90x more likely to appear again. Hence mods that are present on the item before usage have their weight multiplied by 90. Also it has been observed that the item can never roll fewer mods than it had when using this method. If an item has 6 mods before usage, it will always have 6 after usage. It can, however, roll more than it had if possible but it happens very rarely.


How are the harvest reforge more common crafts applied?

This is just applied as an extrapolation that it should work the same as fossils so the emulator makes it so mods of the matching tag get a 10x multiplier. It could very well be less or more than that but intensive (and incredibly inconvenient and impractical) in-game testing would need to be done.


How are catalysts applied?

Catalysts modify the weight of modifiers they affect by 1% per quality on the item to a maximum of 20%. Their effect in regards to Orbs of Annulment is the same but the different is every eligible modifier has the same base chance of being removed by the orb, so a virtual weight of 1000 is applied to each of them after which the corresponding percentage is removed from matching modifiers.


How is bulk pricing applied?

For the time being bulk pricing are fixed modifiers applied to the single prices. They only affect fossils, resonators, catalysts and beasts. Here is the breakdown of how it is applied : 

  • Fossils and resonators (League) : +0-100% premium from 1-50 quantity.
  • Fossils and resonators (Standard) : +0-200% premium from 1-50 quantity.
  • Catalysts : +0-100% premium from 1-50 quantity.
  • Beasts : +0-50% premium from 1-50 quantity.