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How to use

Main options

LEFT click on affixes to show their respective tiers and LEFT click on a tier to choose what tier to consider a success.

When using Exalted orb, Regal orbAugmentation orb or Conqueror Orbs methods of crafting :

RIGHT click on affixes to lock them as mods already present on the item.

The basics

  Indicates that a mod is set as a required affix for probabilities calculation.
  Indicates that a mod is set as present on the current item for blocking purposes.
  Indicates that a mod is blocked by another mod having been selected.
/   Indicates that a mod is in the same group as other mods with the same number.


What are the G1/G2/G3 columns?

These columns is what lets the tool know if the affixes you've set as requirements are to be considered seperate or part of a group. If affixes are part of a group (the same column) the tool will consider hitting any of them a success. If an affix is the only one in its group (column) the tool will require that that specific affix be hit for it to be a success.

Here all three mods

must be hit for it to be

considered a success.


Here any of the three

mods can be hit for it to

be considered a success.


What is the fossil logic selector?

This tells the tool how will fossils interact with each other then multiple fossils affect one mod. It is defaulted to additive as this is the most commonly agreed on way it functions in the game.

  • Additive : Fossil modifiers will be added together. Ex: Jagged+Serrated on a Physical+Attack mod will yield x20 (10+10).
  • Multiplicative : Fossil modifiers will be multiplied together. Ex: Jagged+Serrated on a Physical+Attack mod will yield x100 (10*10).


Mass simulation

Using this function will result in having a more reliable number if a critical mass of items are generated. The more items generated the more reliable the probability. The downside of this method is having to wait. An added perk of using this function is the resulting mod distribution on success table which allows the user the view the most likely mods to roll alongside the pre-requisites.


What is the algorithm selector?

This selector always switching between two modes of computation for probabilities. True calculation is ideal for high probability combinations.

  • Extrapolation : This mode calculates the probability through averages and assumptions and might be less precise.
  • True calculation : This mode will compute each individual valid modifier permutation. The more modifiers available in the pool the slower it will be.


Please note that the tool will automatically default to true calculation when a mod pool has less than 10 modifiers even when in extrapolation mode.


Fossil optimizer

While in the fossil method of crafting, a  button appears that allows for the automatic computation of the best fossil combinations in regards to both raw number of attempts as well as cost efficiency. You can remove fossils from consideration by right clicking them and a barred gear icon will appear indicating that it is disabled. You can also limit the highest resonator to be considered by clicking on the grey Max. Reso. button right of the Compute best selection button and selecting the resonator.