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WARNING : Currently cannot roll attack/caster is not respected by the harvest rem/add 'influence' craft in the game.
Special rules
For meta-crafting to be valid you must have an affix type fully built as well as at least 2 required affixes on the other affix type that are not part of the same mod group. Ex: 3 suffixes set as present on the item and 2 prefixes set as required.
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If this is your first time using the site or if you are having trouble achieving your goal please check out the How to Use and FAQ pages first.

Latest Changes

Graveyard crafting and optimizer

A graveyard crafting method has been added to the calculator. Additionally there is a Graveyard optimizer button similar to the Fossil optimizer that will attempt to compute the most optimal graveyard layout for a given set of requirements.

The tool has been updated to be inline with patch 3.24.0b changes.

Added a true optimizer option that runs corpse assignments through the calculator for better results. The quick and dirty version is still available through the "quick suggest" button.

Work on 3.24

Data has been updated to 3.24 for modifiers.

The change to veiled chaos now being a veiled orb is incoming.

Interesting stuff

  • Guides section : Added a crafting guides repository to the site with filtering and searching tools. If you have crafting guides that think should be included don't hesitate to contact me about it.
  • Affinities trade search : A new open trade search button has been added in the affinities section. Once a valid selection has been made this will automate the generation of a weighted sum search on the path of exile trade site based on the affinities dataset. So go on ahead and find yourself some gear upgrades!

What's Craft of Exile?

Craft of Exile is an online tool with the goal of making it easier for players to find out the best and most cost effective ways to achieve their crafting goals in Path of Exile. There is no need for any installaton or downloads, everything is right here on the browser.

The key features :
  • Compute an estimate of the odds to hit a certain mod combination on an item given a crafting method (Fossil and essence crafting included).
  • Find out the outcome of a slam (exalt, conqueror orb, regal) by building your item and blocking mods.
  • Simulate crafting results with the mass simulation function and see statistical distribution of mods as well as an item showcase of the most likely results.
  • See the total converted costs in chaos of your crafting setup in relation to your league (You can set your own custom prices if need be).
  • Search the whole modpool to find desired mods.
  • Set the iLVL of your item to optimize your results by blocking certain mods.
  • And many more...

New features are added regularly, please check out the Changelog page to see what is new and what is in the works at the bottom of the page.


This tool is a work in progress and as such do not take every result you see as a fullproof pin-point accurate number. Many features are still in an experimental stage and might require fine-tuning. I made this tool to be able to find more efficient and cheap ways of crafting while getting a better understanding of the whole system. I make it available to the community so everyone can enjoy the same advantages.

When working with high-probability calculations (<= 1/100) it is advised to double check the result via the mass simulation function with a sufficiently high count (>= 1 000 000) at the bottom before spending in-game currency. From experience, most of the calculation errors I've encountered (and since fixed) come from setups that leave the affix pool disproportionately skewed towards one mod in particular. If your setup results in this I highly recommend using simulation as an extra validation. If you do see a notable discrepancy between the calculation and simulation please let me know by going to the About page and sending me a detailed message.
Parameters to run a simulation are set in the calculator tab.
Mass Simulation
Simulation is not available for this method of crafting
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